The International Conference on Concrete Repair, Rehabilitation and Retrofitting was held for the first time in Cape Town in 2005, already attracting more than 300 delegates from across the world. In the coming years, the ICCRRR was held in Cape Town in 2008 and 2012 (in combination with the RILEM Week 2012) and 2015 in Leipzig, Germany. Based on continuously excellent presentations on latest research and practical applications in the fields of concrete durability, condition assessment, repair and strengthening, the ICCRRR has developed into one of the leading international events in the field.

Globally, the structural engineering and concrete construction industries are facing a number of challenges with existing physical infrastructure that require innovative and cost effective techniques for maintenance and life extension. The effects of deterioration due to aging as well poor structural design, material specification and construction are increasingly apparent and need to be addressed urgently. The above results in many structures needing revised structural design and service life extension through efficient repair and rehabilitation methodologies. Furthermore, requirements for sustainability are becoming an integral part in modern materials and construction technology for both new and existing concrete structures.

The above challenges require multi- disciplinary efforts in research and development. New durability design methods, sensing technologies, construction materials, data acquisition and analysis procedures and computational modeling techniques can help to address some of these issues for both new and existing structures.. For successful application of such methods, interactions between equipment suppliers, researchers and practicing engineers is imperative. It is encouraging to note that for repair, rehabilitation and retrofitting of concrete structures, such novel solutions are being developed worldwide on an ongoing basis. ICCRRR 2018 intends to address these matters and showcase how the development of durable construction materials and innovative construction technologies, structural health monitoring and computational techniques can contribute towards creating a sustainable and durable concrete infrastructure for the future generations.

South Africa is a perfect host country for an event addressing the themes of ICCRRR 2018. As one of the leading emerging economies, South Africa faces the challenges of providing new infrastructure for growing urban populations as well as the maintenance of existing infrastructure, representing the situation in many of the other large emerging and established economies around the world. The exchange between the regional industry in Southern Africa and the international leading academics, engineers, scientists and technologist is expected to support the efforts to channel future research and development in the broad fields of concrete repair, rehabilitation and retrofitting which would lead to durable and sustainable concrete structures.